Buzzard design & Build


Buzzard Design and Build is a design company founded by Jeroen Bomers and Joost Lindner. We make  architecture, interiors and design products with a focus on sustainability and with social awareness. 


We believe design can serve as a bridge between nature, culture and people, and inspiring surroundings have a positive effect on people’s lives.


On a unique location near Nijmegen along the river ‘de Waal’, we inspire each other to design and build solid and beautiful furniture and art pieces. Carefully selected materials, which often meet a second life, are professionally processed into unique pieces.

Unorthodox and experimental methods are giving us the freedom and pleasure to design and build beautiful pieces. With the workshop as the driving force and heart of the company, where craftsmenship meets new technologies. The workshop runs on an ecologically responsible way by using our own solar system to power our machinery and by reusing materials as much as possible.

Good stuff without concessions. Original and beautiful to see.

That's Buzzard.

Buzzard | Design & Build 


Joost Lindner & Jeroen Bomers 

Waaldijk 31 | 6677 MB Slijk-Ewijk

The Netherlands


Joost | +31 6 241 897 57

Jeroen | +31 6 248 908 44